Tie Kwan Yin tea

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A premium Oolong tea with a silky, slightly mineral taste and golden hue, Tie Kwan Yin pairs beautifully with food and makes an excellent gift. It is also known as Tie Guan Yin or Iron Goddess of Mercy tea.

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Tie Kwan Yin tea – China’s most revered tea

Also known as the Iron Goddess of Mercy, Tie Kwan Yin takes its name from the ancient Wei legend. It’s one of the most revered and sought after teas in China, and it’s hard to find authentic Tie Kwan Yin in Australia.

Grown in the rich soils of our family tea garden in Anxi, producing Tie Kwan Yin tea is a labour of love and requires expertise to correctly balance the mild fermentation and drying of the tea leaves. Our tea farmers have a wealth of experience in nurturing an optimum crop and harvesting when the leaves are full of nutrition.

Mature leaves are handpicked for their flavour, dried in the sun, gently tossed to aid oxidisation and aroma, then carefully rolled by hand, leaf by leaf.

Tie Kwan Yin, our most sought after variety, is rich in minerals such as manganese, iron and potassium. It contains a larger component of organic polyphenols, catechins and other amino acids that give Tie Kwan Yin tea a slightly mineral flavour.

Once brewed, Tie Kwan Yin produces a beautiful golden amber colour. The leaves unravel to show green leaves with red edges; a unique mark of Tie Kwan Yin quality. It has a thick, silky texture and a strong aftertaste. It combines the fragrance of green tea and black tea’s rich taste due to this semi-fermentation process.


100% camellia sinensis (Tie Kwan Yin tea) grown in Anxi province, China


To brew

Rinse your teapot and cups with hot water to warm them. Place 1 heaped teaspoon of tea leaves per person into a teapot or plunger and flush for a few seconds with fresh boiled water to open the leaves, discarding the water. Fill your teapot with boiled water at 90-100 degrees and infuse for 1-2 minutes.

Unlike cheaper products, our premium tea leaves can be infused 3-4 times and will still give a delicious flavour.

Store tea leaves in a cool dry place.



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