White Tea

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A warming cup of natural energy, white tea gives me a winter boost. White tea is the least processed, its simply dried, so the leaves hold onto their powerful antioxidants. With short infusion times, white tea is low in caffeine, if an afternoon coffee or black tea keeps you awake at night, relax with a white tea instead.

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White tea – a warm brew in winter, ice tea in summer

Centuries ago, white tea was a luxury beverage sipped by Chinese dignitaries. A delicate tea, white tea is simply picked and dried. While it’s not particularly well known in Australia, you too can enjoy the finest quality white tea delivered to your door.

Part of its beauty lies in its versatility; in traditional Chinese medicine it’s considered a cooling tea; but enjoy it hot and it will warm you up and help soothe a sore throat. White tea can help settle an irritated stomach too. It also makes a great base for iced tea or desserts; perhaps white tea ice cream or iced tea with raspberries and nectarines.

White tea is gaining popularity due to its health benefits. High in natural antioxidants and with a mild boost of caffeine, white tea is the best addition to your diet whether you want a natural health boost or to complement your weight loss regime.

This particular variety is known as Shou Mei. It is a late harvest white tea picked late in the season when the leaves have developed greater flavour and character. Processing is minimal; the leaves are simply picked and dried in the sun. Minimal intervention means that, like a fine wine or quality coffee bean, you can taste the terroir; the soil, climate and other natural elements give the tea a unique character.

Whether you create a traditional infusion or an iced drink, white tea has a gently sweet, subtle taste.



100% camellia sinensis (white tea) grown in Anxi, Fujian province, China


To brew

Shou Mei is a delicate variety and should not be subjected to high temperatures. Rinse your teapot and cups with boiling water. Allow boiled water to cool to approximately 80-90 degrees and infuse 1 teaspoon of tea per person for 1-2 minutes only. Increase infusion times for each repeated use of tea leaves. Inhale its aroma before you take your first sip.


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