Jasmine Tea

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Jasmine flowers blended with green tea make a sweetly aromatic treat. Made from the finest green tea leaves rich in anti-oxidants, our Jasmine tea is fit for a prince or princess. Feeling adventurous? Try incorporating Jasmine tea into your desserts.

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Jasmine tea – a fragrant, aromatic blend of green tea and jasmine flowers

Jasmine tea grew in popularity during the reign of the Ming dynasty (1368-1644). The Chinese royal family cherished anything floral; their famous porcelain, paintings, embroidery, décor and literature are all embellished with delicate blossoms.

Nowadays jasmine tea is popular worldwide for its naturally relaxing, refreshing aromatic qualities. Tea Store is delighted to offer this exclusive blend of Jasmine tea in Australia.

Jasmine blossoms thrive in similar conditions to tea trees, and while there are at least seven Chinese provinces that produce jasmine tea, the most famous and truest jasmine tea comes from the Fujian region.

Sipping jasmine tea is an absolute treat; the floral fragrance is exquisite, reminiscent of a beautiful blooming garden in summer. I drink it in the afternoon for a refreshing, light pick-me-up.

Jasmine tea takes time to produce; we pick the tea leaves in late spring when they’re at their freshest and most delicate. We prepare and dry the leaves until late summer when the jasmine flower blossoms.

Jasmine flowers are picked at the height of summer when the flower is at full bloom and its most fragrant. It takes experience to recognise when the blossoms are ready to be picked, and skill to delicately balance the green tea leaves and jasmine blossom mix, which varies according to environmental factors. The flowers and tea leaves are blended in a controlled environment; to ensure the tea leaves absorb the aroma. Fresh batches of jasmine flowers may be introduced to add layers of floral flavour.

While it sounds simple enough, we’ve perfected our ‘recipe’ over many years, finding the ultimate balance of green tea leaves and jasmine flowers.

Once brewed, jasmine tea has a pale yellow colour with a luscious floral aroma. Its lightly sweet taste and lower caffeine levels make it an ideal after dinner drink with dessert.



A blend of green tea and jasmine flowers grown in Anxi province, China. The proportions of tea and flowers are determined seasonally by our expert tea masters to achieve the perfect blend.


To brew

Rinse your teapot or plunger and cups with hot water to warm them. Add a teaspoon of jasmine leaves per person into a teapot and flush for a few seconds with fresh boiled water to open the leaves, discarding the water. Fill your teapot with boiled water at 80-90 degrees and infuse for 2-3 minutes.

Unlike cheaper products, our jasmine tea leaves can be infused 3-4 times and will still have a fresh flavour and aroma.

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  1. 5 out of 5

    Very fragrant jasmine tea! I drink this every day after lunch and it’s still one of my favourites!

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