Green Tea

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Green tea is one of the oldest and most popular types of tea.  Young green tea leaves are dehydrated to prevent any oxidation. This gives it a characteristic green colour.

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Green tea is one of the oldest and most popular types of tea. It’s said to be the first variety that comes to mind when tea is mentioned in China. We love our hand crafted green tea blend that we’ve grown in our own tea plantations and produced since 1918.

Once picked, young green tea leaves are quickly dehydrated by pan firing to prevent further oxidation. This also creates a characteristic green colour.

A great alternative to coffee, green tea contains significantly less caffeine, but still packs a cognitive boost. It is also thought to assist in metabolism and boast bone density. Light and fresh on the palate, it compliments many dishes and makes the perfect gift for a host.

Our 100% premium loose leaf green tea has been hand picked and delicately rolled. Watch the leaves unwind in your cup and enjoy this relax beverage.

To brew:

Green tea’s freshness is best brought out in short infusions and should be consumed quickly. Add boiled water sitting at 90-100 degrees to a heaped tea spoon of tea for each person. Infuse for 1-2 minutes and enjoy!

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