Black Tea

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Black tea is our resident ‘pick me up’ brew. It packs a punch to get you through “3:30-itis”.

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Aptly named after its colour, Black tea is well enjoyed in both Western and Eastern cultures. In comparison to other teas, Black tea dust often has a more intense flavour.

To gain its signature colour, Black tea is first naturally withered, then undergoes a long fermentation period, and finally roasted. The leaves of this variety undergo a rigorous oxidtion become completely oxidized after processing which produces a strong flavor and copper coloured brew. Black tea is often known as red tea due to its reddish hue.

Our Black tea dust also comes in 20 individual sachets for no a no fuss brew.

Enjoy with a touch of sugar or a heap of condensed milk, Black tea makes an excellent ‘pick-me up’.

To brew:

Boil fresh, cold water for best taste. Add a heaped tea spoon of tea for each person. Pour boiled water and leave to infuse for 3-4 minutes. Enjoy!



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