About me

Rosie, 4th Generation Tea Merchant

The Tea Store journey began more than 100 years ago. My grandfather Koh Kian Huat established the family tea gardens in the Fujian province in 1918 and like my grandmother, and my father’s generation, I’m proud to carry on this family tradition.

I grew up with the smell of tea, and remember visiting the picturesque tea plantation, which is set in the rolling hills near the village of Anxi. The happy chatter of the tea pickers rising above the fragrant, fresh air. Our farmers and tea pickers are like family; many have worked in the business for decades and enjoy the community, shared meals, free range chickens and homegrown produce.

I brought Tea Store to Australia when I couldn’t find a quality teas by tea growers in Melbourne. The teas I found had been through middlemen and although they were nicely packaged, I longed for the traditional Chinese blends like my family makes. Here in Australia there’s a shift towards farmer’s markets and knowing the provenance of our food, so I’m delighted to offer quality Chinese teas that have been grown by my family in China.

Over the generations we’ve refined our beautifully balanced blends, adopted new technology and processes, and excitingly, we are working towards organic certification, which we hope to achieve in the next 2-3 years.

My aunties run our flagship store in Singapore; Koh Kian Huat Tea Merchants. Visit them if you can; they live and breathe tea and will be delighted to let you taste our range.

Tea is to be enjoyed – I hope you too can relax and enjoy the qualities of a Tea Store brew.

tea plantation


Buy direct, no middlemen

We’re different to other boutique tea merchants; we produce tea from the ‘garden to the table’. You’re buying direct, rather than through a middleman and grocery store, so you get the highest quality tea at a fair price to you and the tea farmers.

Because we grow and process the tea ourselves, we guarantee that the latest in processing equipment and hygienic techniques are used, ensuring a safe and delicious cup of tea.

Giving back

As well as running Tea Store, I work as an occupational therapist in Melbourne. Giving back is important to me, financially and through pro bono work.

All profits from Tea Store are donated to selected charities. Helping underprivileged people in developing countries and rural areas is an issue close to my heart. This year we have supported organisations that look after orphans with cerebral palsy, rescue children from sexual slavery and provide education to underprivileged children in developing countries.

Profits support my work with orphans who have cerebral palsy in rural China. This photo was taken before this boy’s splint was remoulded, to enable better use of his left hand in steering his wheelchair.

With your generosity in 2016, we were able to take 60kg of educational resources and clothes to an orphanage in rural Myanmar. In 2017, we are hoping to build a kindergarten for the children.

All profits from Tea Store support opportunities to make a difference in developing countries.

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