Tea Store Melbourne: Does Jasmine tea have caffeine?

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does-jasmine-tea-have-caffeineSweet fragrance and floral notes make jasmine tea one of our most popular teas. The jasmine flower component in this tea gives the impression that it is similar to the likes of camomile tea or chrysanthemum tea. This often raises the question of whether jasmine tea contains caffeine.


The answer lies in the constituents of the tea. Jasmine bud tea can be enjoyed by itself and does not contain any caffeine. However, traditionally, jasmine tea is made from a combination of loose green tea leaves blended with jasmine flowers. Jasmine tea can also be a combination of jasmine flowers with white tea, oolong tea or black tea. The accompanying tea base can determine the amount of caffeine in jasmine tea.


Different families of tea are known to contain varying levels of caffeine. Production factors such as growing environment including soil pollution, humidity, temperatures and elevation of terrain also influence the amount of caffeine in your tea leaves. Processing methods such as length of oxidation also vary among plantations, which means that the same tea blend sold in various stores or under competing brands, will contain varying amounts of caffeine.

Tea bags generally contain a higher amount of caffeine than loose tea leaves as their leaves are broken and smaller, which allows a more intense infusion. Brewing or steeping methods such as length of infusion time, water quality and temperature all impact on the amount of caffeine in your cup. A shorter brew time and lower brew temperatures typically result in lower amounts of caffeine in your jasmine tea. Most importantly, the quality of tea leaves defines the quality of your brew.

The jasmine plant is typically grown at higher elevations and the mountainous region of Fujian province in China is internationally renowned for its quality jasmine tea. Our family owned tea plantations are located in the heart of Fujian province and have been producing quality jasmine tea for four generations. Backed by strong heritage and experience, we blend our own loose green tea leaves with the finest quality jasmine flowers. We are based in Melbourne and ship Australia wide.


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