Looking for traditional Chinese Tea in Melbourne or Australia?
With almost 100 years’ experience as tea farmers in the Fujian province of China, and stockists in Singapore and Asia, we specialise in traditional Chinese blends of the highest quality.
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Whether you’re looking for a Pu-Erh Tea to complement your weight loss regime, a fragrant and relaxing Jasmine green tea blend, a hard-to-find white tea or the opulent Tie Kwan Yin tea for a special gift, we can help. You’ll also find an excellent pick-me-up black tea, a hand rolled green tea, an antioxidant rich Royal green tea made to our century-old recipe, and a versatile Oolong tea that pairs beautifully with food.

The health benefits of drinking tea are slowly gaining popularity in Western culture. Pu-Erh Tea is well known for aiding weight loss and digestion and boosting your metabolism. Jasmine, green and white teas have an abundance of natural antioxidants, which are known to neutralise free radicals and help prevent heart disease. Tea served in the traditional style, without milk or sugar, is virtually calorie-free. A true guilt free indulgence.

Most of our tea is loose leaf, whole tea leaves with optional tea bags. Why? A brew of whole tea leaves allows you to enjoy tea in its true form; to experience tea leaves the way they are picked off the tree. Whole leaves give you a better tasting cup of tea. Flavours in whole leaf tea are more full and complex – telling a story in every cup. Cheaper tea bags contain mostly tea dust, a by-product of tea processing and usually from tea of poorer quality and grade. The exception is our black tea – it’s whole leaves have been gently ground to create a fine blend for maximum oxidation and a stronger brew.

You have the option of choosing tea bags in our online tea shop; these are large tea bags filled with loose leaf tea to give you a tasty and convenient infusion.

All our teas are grown and blended by our family in China and Singapore, combining traditional blends and the latest in processing technology to guarantee both quality and hygiene. Tea Store is based in Melbourne, Australia, and we ship worldwide.

Our tea packaging is sleek, simple and elegant; you’re paying for great tea not fancy packing. We’ll happily wrap – just ask us. You’re also contributing to the livelihood of our tea farming community; all our employees are paid fair wages and have stable employment. Our tea farmers are like family – many have been with us for decades. Like us, they put a lot of love into their work and are dedicated to making the best tea possible.

I hope you love the Tea Store teas too – thanks for stopping by and perusing our range.

Rosie and the Tea Store team


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